Scrapbook Expo: Watercolors

I went to my very first scrapbook expo this month and took my very first craft class: watercoloring!

Unfortunately, my mom was supposed to attend, but had to stay home ill. Instead of having her ticket go to waste, I took her place in the watercolor class and ended up falling in love with it.
The class was given by BEE*Creative owner Karen, who is absolutely wonderful.

It was a really good introductory class. The kit we received was enough to make 3 cards, which we only had time to get started. The class was an hour long, but I wish it were 2! I had such a wonderful time. My favorite was the splatter technique!

By the end of the class, my sister and I were both convinced our mom needed a set of these amazing, pigmented watercolors. We purchased the Gansai Tambi 36 water color set from her booth--actually, in the end, we ended up purchasing 3! My sister knew she wanted her own set, and said she would share it with me, but I hemmed and hawwed about it, and in the end I decided I needed my own set, too! I can't wait to create something for our family craft group!


  1. I love my watercolor set! They're so concentrated they can be bright or light. It's great working with quality paint. Thanks again for splurging on me!



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