Project 16 of 52: Titanic Notebooks

Titanic Notebooks

I've collected Titanic related memorabilia for years--since before the infamous movie came out in 1998. When you collect on a certain subject, sometimes you end up with duplicates. In this case, I ended up with triplicate copies of replicas of a Titanic Stock Certificate and menu. What am I going to do with 3 of each?

The solution: craft with them! I had picked up a couple of blank travelers style notebooks at Michael's in the clearance section by Duct Tape. They were the perfect size to wrap the certificates around and tuck the edges into the notebooks.

The notebooks were slick so it took some attempts to find glue that would hold the glassine-type paper to the cover, but once I did, I glued the papers down, rounded the corners, and viola! Wonderful additions to my notebook collection.

Sometimes simple things can give you the most satisfaction. Even better, it feels nice to be able to use something Titanic related and see it on a daily basis. If you've followed my blog for a bit, you know I discovered I enjoy making tiny travelers notebook covers. I love these new notebooks I made so much, I just may venture into making a larger style cover!


  1. Turned out so awesome! And thank you for sharing your stash of the Titanic papers, they're so vintage-y!



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