A Crafty Gift: For Me!!

My sister and I were shopping at Target the other day when I mentioned I needed a new pencil holder for work. The very next day, she presented me with a new one! I love it! It has tons of room and all my pens and pencils fit in it. They're not strewn about my desk any longer, plus I have enough room to dig around and look for what I want instead of having to pull pens out of small, crammed spaces.

I'm so embarrassed--here's my old one! It's a mess--and it's dirty. No matter how well I tried to wipe it clean, those little crevices would collect dust (mostly paper dust) and just wouldn't get clean. I barely used the slots and post it note spot--it wasn't very large, but it took up a lot of room because I didn't use most of it. My new one works so well I wish I had gotten rid of this old thing a lot sooner!


  1. It looks great! I love it when Valerie makes us stuff we get to use every day. She's so talented.



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