Project 14 of 52: Dog Toys

Sometimes simple is better--and sometimes it simply doesn't matter!
And sometimes you recycle your old shirts and socks because, well, your dog is going to tear up her toys anyway, so why not throw a few together with some old clothes? (Sidenote: everything was fresh and clean from the laundry for this project!)

My dog enjoys tearing toys apart. She wants the squeaker pulled out, the stuffing to explode all over the place, and the eyes and nose bitten off the face of any stuffed toy she gets her paws on.

My mom made her dog, Molly, a couple of toys out of simple socks. She recycled some stuffing from a gutted toy, and her dog loved them! Then my dog got a hold of them. I made a few more with socks I was getting rid of anyways (I changed clothing storage and had to downsize a few things). As the dogs tore apart each sock, I stuffed the torn socks inside other socks. Each sock was decimated eventually, and I ran out of socks to stuff

So I got the idea to use an old shirt. (Honestly, it's not that old, but when your lace starts to have uncontrollable elastic threads all over it, you can't exactly wear it in public anymore!)
I cut the shirt into big rectangles and discarded anything I didn't want the dogs chewing on--the bottom of the shirt with elastic embedded in it, and the top of the shirt and sleeves with lace.

I cut the shirt into rectangles. The idea behind the big hunks is to stuff them in the stocks, and when the dogs pull them out, there isn't a huge mess, and it allows me to stuff them into another pair of socks for them to destroy.

I took one of  my favorite pairs of socks that had a hole in the toe. to recycle into a dog toe. I simple tied a knot in it, stuffed in bunched up material from the shirt, tied another knot, stuffed in more material, then knotted the final knot.

VoilĂ ! Completed dog toys. Here, you can see the striped material showing through the socks. And you know what? The dogs don't care if I make them silly little sock toys or buy them something new at the pet store. They just love that they have something stuffed to carry around and pull the insides out of.


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    1. Did you find them? I couldn't even find them last night! I think they might have lost them in the backyard.



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