Project 13 of 52: Leather Tassels

One of the great by-products of my Fauxdori collection is extra leather. The second I spotted a leather tassel tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I had to make them! (I'm not linking to the tutorial because it was incomplete--steps were missing and it was incomplete.)

There isn't much to say here except they're amazing! I love them and can't wait to make more.
I hooked the metallic orange tassel to my teal purse, and it looks amazing.

Obligatory bottom shot

If you recall my Fauxdori post, I said I wasn't too satisfied with the leather from Hobby Lobby for making those journal covers. In tassel form, though, they are sharp looking!

My biggest obstacle when making the tassels is that you have to have the hook while you're making the tassel--it can't be added later (well, it can, but I like the looks of it when it's attached directly to the hook). I only had two hooks! So I couldn't keep making them.

I can't wait to make a metallic blue one!


  1. Bonus: the leather smells good, too! I love mine

    1. It does! I can't wait to make some new ones with the new leather I got (with the left overs from the books, of course!)



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