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I have discovered a fun new craft: the fauxdori.
After I made my first one, my mom made a comment and said, "I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!"
 "Umpfh." I wasn't too happy after just making the first--it was a struggle getting the process and measurements down. Then the second one was easier, and the the fourth I said, "Yup! Everyone is getting one for Christmas!" 

A Midori is a name brand journal, kind of like Kleenex is tissue. Fauxdori is the term coined for any knock-off Midori. Some name their fauxdoris with "dori" at the end, so you know exactly what journaling system you're getting when you buy it, like the "Happiedori."

The idea behind the Midori/fauxdori is that it's a refillable journaling system. At its simplest, You slip the notebook into a leather cover with an elastic band.

A second piece of elastic, connected either to the back middle of the cover or the middle of the spine, holds the book closed.

Most fauxdoris hold one or two notebooks, though there are ways to finagle it to hold more.
A Midori is usually long and thin, though the ones I made are small and compact.

The popular size of fauxdori holds Field Notebooks. I own maybe one Field Notebook, but various other
sized small notebooks. I took up my collection and made several smaller sized fauxdoris, each to fit the size of my notebooks. They include pocket notebooks from Tuesday Morning, Target, Office Depot, Staples, and small composition notebooks from the Dollar Tree. I'm not picky: I hoard them all!

I pondered about this craft for a while before I tried it, watching YouTube videos and looking up instructions on Pinterest, as well as slowly gathering the leather to do it. The metallic leather is my favorite--the leather I bought from Hobby Lobby (2nd row of notebooks above) was dull and flat by comparison. It was also not as sturdy (although none of the leather I purchased was very thick) and more difficult to cut.

I'm very happy with my fauxdoris. I spent less money on supplies to create them than I did to purchase one from someone else. Now don't get me wrong--some of the fauxdoris out there are amazing! I just didn't want to spend the money on one if I didn't know if I would like this system or not. I've been using it less than a week and so far I really like it, and time will tell how the leather holds up. For now, I'm thrilled with them, especially since I can purchase whatever type of leather I want and make matching tassels!


  1. These are fabulous! I like the feel of them and want to keep touching them. You know me...

    1. I like touching the one I keep in my purse, too! It's so soft. And it's holding up really well! I can't wait to see how burnishing the edges turns out.



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