Project 9 of 52: Project Boards

I unexpectedly created a couple of Project Boards over the weekend.
I was watching JenniBellie's video on "How I Create 'Big' Projects" (click the link or the photo above to go to her coordinating blog post, which includes the video) and she had this amazing, enormous Project Board for everything that she's working on. I don't have room for something that large, but I thought the idea of a Project Board was a genius idea. I knew I had to have one, albeit on a smaller scale.

Instead of charting the progress of projects on my board, I'm just going to pin up projects I'm working on so my addled brain can remember what I'm in the middle of. It's a smaller frame so it can't handle as much, of course, but I do want to keep it simple.

They were so easy and satisfying to make, I ended up making two.
I also cheated, but in a really satisfying, helpful way.

The process for both Project Boards was the same. Both frames had the glass front, a cardboard backing, and a piece of cardboard in the middle to stabilize whatever photo was in the frame (both of mine were empty when I thrifted them, and one of them was already painted).

The amazing corkboard I used was in thin sheets with adhesive back. It was something I picked up at Micheal's for another project (that has yet to be attempted!) and it was fantastic. It was really thin and once the adhesive was down, it was down. I put on 3 layers of the corkboard directly onto the glass and threw the middle piece of cardboard in the trash.

I did have to mess with the back to make the glass with 3 layers of thin corkboard fit into the frame. I had to pry up the edges of the end of the frame on both sides to give the glass more room to slide in. Once the edges were pried up, the glass slide in with a bit of gentle effort--Remember, the corkboard has to face out, so it created friction against the frame when sliding it into place, but it fit in well once it was in the frame.

I love the old, faded back on my gold board.The odd, satiny-y fabric reminds me of the 1800s, and the hooks in the frame will made it easy to add ribbon or chain, or use small nails to hang it directly onto the wall. The dark, black spot in the middle is probably close to the original color of the fabric. A picture stand was attached so it could be stood on a shelf. I pulled the stand out because it jutted out past the edge of the frame and it was extremely noticeable.

It will be easy to add something to the back to hang this frame, be it hooks or velcro. The best thing about hanging the frames is the options are endless, and can be easily switched out for a new piece of cardboard and a new way to hang the board in the future.

I had some beautiful floral pins to add to it to hold slips of paper with project ideas on them. The pink and green remind me of The Slipper and the Rose movie.

20150509_220128I used some
blue pins on the regular frame to match my walls.

I love how they turned out for unexpected projects I threw together, with no plans. And I had everything on hand!
I'll be hanging the top one above my light switch in my room to track projects, while my mom will be hanging the pink and green rose frame next to her craft station to track her own projects.


  1. Having my little framed bulletin board next to my desk has been so handy, thank you! I am constantly referring to it to see what craft projects I need to complete. And it's pretty!

    1. I'm glad you like it and use it so much! They're such pretty, simple, little things.



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