Project 8 of 52: Floating Memory Lockets

One of the things I wanted to do was make memory lockets for my mom, my sister, and my cousin (and one for myself). It is out of my price range for each of us to have a Victorian Mourning Locket so I thought of making floating necklaces instead.

The first charm I picked was "In Memory Of," of course, and then I picked a specific name charm depending on who the locket was for--Aunt for my sister and I, Sister for my mom's, and Mom for my cousin's.

I ordered blank square charms and made a photo charm of my aunt for each of locket.
The only exception is my mom's--I found a photo of her and her sister together.
(The photos are true photos--remember when you would order photos online and it would come with a "summary" sheet of all the photos in your order, and they were always teeny tiny? They were the perfect size for this project!)

Of course, the other charms had meaning. I chose her birthstone (November), her favorite flowers (Sunflower & yellow roses--she was born in Texas!), and a cross to represent her faith.

What I love most about these lockets is that they mean something, but should it happen to be lost while you're out and about, you're not breaking an antique like I would if I lost the Victorian Mourning Locket I made. It's something you can wear every day and that can stand the wear and tear, not something delicate that you fear losing.

Have you done anything similar to honor a lost loved one?



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