Project 7 of 52: A Victorian Mourning Locket

I know I've made a lot of posts regarding my aunt's death (and I'm not done yet!), but she was such an important person in my life. She was like my second mother (and her husband, my uncle, is still like a second father to me) so the grieving process has been like no other I've gone through.

I'm a huge fan of the Victorian & Elizabethan eras, so one of the things that made sense for me to express my grief was to make a Victorian Mourning Locket. I searched for several weeks, looking for the exact locket I wanted. My most important criteria was that I wanted inserts in whatever locket I came across, and I wanted them to be glass. I learned that acrylic or plastic inserts were used after the turn of the century. I was lucky enough to find the perfect little Victorian mourning locket, from the mid- to late-1800's, with glass inserts. (I purchased my locket from Sweetheart Lane on Etsy, and the owner, Sarah Jane, is just wonderful to work with.)

The locket is small, feminine, and a beautiful way to honor and remember my beloved aunt. I love that the locket is not a statement piece because the locket was created for me and not to draw attention. I also love that this is now something that is going to be a family heirloom. My aunt has quite the story of her life, what with having 4 kidney transplants, and now my future children will see how important she was to our family each time they see this locket.

I admit, I did remove an old photo from the locket when I received it. I kept the photo to pass on to a friend who enjoys old photographs--there was no name on the back, and no lock of hair to go with it. Removing an old photo to put in my own was something I thought about before I did it, too, but in the end, I decided the nameless face would have to find another home. I hope my aunt's memory is carried in her place for the next 150 years, just as this woman's face was.



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