Project 5 of 52: Aunt Martha's Memory Table

Working on projects for the memorial or funeral of a loved one is underrated. Not only are you having to think creatively, you are also having to work under the stress of losing your loved one, and with a deadline!
Such was the case for the Memory Table my family erected for my aunt's memorial. This was a group effort!

There were a lot of details to the table that other people may not have noticed, from my aunt's bible to a photocopy of a story that she wrote about Little Scotty, a character she created when she was younger and would use to tell my sister and I stories of his adventures. The table was littered with photos.

Since kidney donation was a large part of her life (she had 4 kidneys donated to her), we included newspaper clippings and some scrapbook pages my sister created after her last donation about 3 years ago (my sister donated a kidney to my aunt).

I remember my aunt always having a camera to her face when I was younger, whether we were at the beach or having a family gathering, so we included a beautiful photo she took in San Francisco. We even included a fun certificate from when she was "locked up" in Ft. Levenworth, TX.

My mom (my aunt's sister) created a photo board to display some wonderful photos of my aunt next to the table.

Because my aunt was so active in the church, 350+ people attended her memorial. It wasn't plausible to have an open mic to allow everyone that wanted to speak a chance. Instead, I set out a bunch of Project Life cards with framed instructions (instructions not shown) and a bundle of pens. It gave people a chance to write their thoughts on my aunt, or leave a note for my uncle and cousin. I am working on creating albums out of these, as well as messages left on her Facebook, intertwined with photos of my aunt, which I will share when I've completed it. (It is still a work in progress.)

It's always tough to function in the midst of grief, but the effort was worth it, and I can't wait to see how it comes together in the album I'm creating.


  1. You've done such a great job pulling everything together. Ant Mart would be proud so proud of you.

    1. Thank you! It's taken all of us to do this. I wish she could see it.



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