Dried Memorial Flowers

Back in November, one of my favorite co-workers got married and I attended her wedding. I was trying to figure out how to preserve the flowers I brought home from the celebration when I stumbled upon Silica Gel at Micheal's craft store. It worked really well, but the flowers were a few days old by the time I figured it out.

After my aunt passed, my household ended up with all the flowers, so I took the opportunity to test out the silica gel on them. They were beautiful and fresh, which (as it turns out) is the best time to dry them.

The flowers seem frozen in time. The colors are just as vibrant as when they were fresh.

The only flowers that had any "issues" were the orange and yellow daisy-like flowers (I'm not that great with flower names!). The silica gel put tiny divots in each of the petals, probably because they were so delicate. The carnations and the roses dried perfectly.

I have plans for the flowers, although I am still working out how to execute them. I'll let you know when I figure it out.



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