Project 4 of 52: SOAP Planner

My SOAP Planner for Bible Study

I recently started attending a Bible Study I really enjoy. The goal is to read the whole Bible in a year and although I'm a bit late, I plan on catching up when I can. One of the things that will make it easier for me to catch up and keep my notes in order is using a planner instead of the spiral-bound notebook.

I purchased this gold Kikki K planner (on sale) without a purposed in mind. I own the teal one and love it so much, I couldn't pass up the sale. I'm very glad I purchased it, even if it sat in the box for a couple of months, because I love the purpose I have for it now.

The book my Bible study is using is to read through the Bible in one year. It breaks the Bible down into Old and New Testament reading for each day with an explanation of the SOAP method, as well as a bunch of pages for implementing the SOAP method. You chose one passage each day to break down in the SOAP method and the way I write, I need one page for each day. The problem is, there are not 365 pages. So I opted to make my own.

I started with my own prayer list pages as the first tab in my planner.Our study book is limited to just a couple of pages for prayer requests within our group, but I like the idea of using this for any prayer requests--be it other friends, family, or ones I have myself. It keeps them all in one central location and since I'm using this planner daily for my Bible study, it keeps it close at hand.

The planner came with several inserts, including notepaper. I kept some in the section after so I can jot down notes, things I want to look up, questions I have, or just inspiring things the other members of my group say during the course of our study.

My last and final section (for now!) is the SOAP method. I had heard of this method before and it took me a bit to get the hang of it, but I'm really enjoying it, and I fill each page when I take my notes. One of my favorite things about moving into a planner from the spiral bound notebook is that I can skip around, especially while I'm catching up, yet keep my notes in the same order our study book has us working through the Bible. When I skipped a day in the spiral bound notebook, I had to put it after all my other homework--and what about the month and a half that had passed before I even joined? Problem solve! Just open the rings, pop it in the correct location, and viola! Done. I left this section last because I printed out a lot of SOAP pages and wanted the bulk of the notebook to be in the back.

I've been using my planner as a Bible study notebook for just a couple of days but I'm already thrilled with it--and I've already made some notes on one or two sections that I'd like to add! I'll provide an update on those sections later--as well as what the new dividers will be. I currently have the Kikki K dividers in the planner, but I am looking forward to creating my own. It not only personalizes the planner, but the laminated dividers are sturdier than the cardboard ones the planner comes with.


  1. It's great you're in the habit of journaling and using planners. I bet personalizing them takes a lot of patience.

    1. Personalizing them is the fun part! I think that's why I enjoy putting them up on Etsy--it's fun (and relaxing) for me to come up with new pages and make them.



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