What's In My Pencil Case

I love the "What's In My Pencil Case" and "What's In My Purse" tags that people do, so I thought I'd just jump in and do one myself!

I'm warning you, I desperately need to clean out my pencil case! And pull out a few things in there--it just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I purposely didn't do it before hand so you get a real sense of what I carry with me.

I use a Little Mermaid make up bag for my pencil pouch. It's cute, fairly small, and fits into my purse if I want to take it with me. I also like that it's a sleek finish--it slips in and out of my work bag without catching on anything or taking up too much space. I will warn you, though, it's rather easy to dirty! Mine needs a good washing.

I purchased my make up bag/pencil pouch at Walgreens, by London SOHO New York. They have started releasing Disney lines I love, both of make up, make up brushes, and cosmetic bags. I am all about the cosmetic bags! So far, to my knowledge, they've done three: The Little Mermaid (I have a bigger bag with Ursula on it), Sleeping Beauty and currently Jasmine/Aladdin is in stores.

Here is the large amount of crap I managed to stuff into such a small bag! Lots of odds and ends end up finding their way into it.

I lend books to coworkers, so often you'll find a reminder note for me to bring one in. The stamp is my favorite--my sister bought a set of dog stamps for my mom, but this one looks just like my dog, Winnie! I have plans to use it so she can "sign" cards I send to people. (Don't laugh at that--you know you love it when you get a card and someone has signed their dog's name, too!)

Sometimes stray jewelry finds its way in, either because they drive me nuts at work, or I slip them off before I go see my trainer. I am a nutso about my bottlecaps--I have plans for them--plans, I tell you! Just don't ask me what those plans are. I don't know yet.

I have a wide variety of pens in my pencil pouch, mostly thrown in so I can "try them out at work." I'm not currently using any of the pens shown here.

Instead, I'm currently hooked on fountain pens, but that's a whole other post! My favorite is my Lamy Safari, but I promise to give you a close up on those in a later post.

I am temporarily swapping out my Ariel cosmetic bag for this cool pencil pouch, purchased at Michael's, but I can't leave it this way for long. I've already accumulated more random items in it because it's bigger than my Ariel one, and I just can't be toting that around!

So, what's in your pencil pouch?


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