First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost is Sarah Addison Allen's first release since her fight with breast cancer. It takes place ten years after Garden Spells and is a wonderful story of life. Sometimes books don't have have huge tragedies or hurdles to jump--sometimes it's about taking a peek into someone's life and seeing how they live and how they get past the little bumps along the way.

The book meanders along, following sisters Claire and Sydney, and Sydney's daughter Bay as they continue to figure out the reason behind some of their Waverly talent. Old Evanelle still passes out strange gifts, their reason unknown until the receiver suddenly needs them. And an apple tree occasionally warns a man not to step too close to its branches.

The women are uneasy at this time each year, waiting for the first frost to relieve some of the tension, but this year it feels extra stressful. The events throughout the story can be exhausting and life altering--if they let them.

The touch of magic in each of Sarah Addison Allen's novels will have you spell bound, always wondering whose talent will make life a little easier (or harder!) for someone. The author has done a fantastic job weaving them into the story, into the very being of the characters, and just enough to make you believe. You'll also be wanting your own slice of Fig and Pepper Bread by the end of the story.


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