Project 1 of 52

Project 1 of 52: Planner Dividers (and Bookmarks)

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to complete 52 Projects--whether that be crafting, organizing, etc. It's a way to track what I'm doing and to keep me motivated to complete more projects. I have a couple craft projects I've been working on, but this was the first I completed, and man, am I happy with them!

I've been sucked into the Planner Trend that's been going around, which is great timing because I have been attempting to get more & more organized in the past year or so. My main planner is a Kikki K Mint A5 planner, which I love. It's big like a journal so I can not only use it for tracking appointments and to do lists, but everything else I want to track (such as projects I want to complete). 

One thing I've been meaning to do since I got it was to create personalized dividers and bookmarks. This past Sunday I finally sat down with two calendars I used last year: Mortal Instruments that hung in my bedroom, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that hung at work. They're far from perfect (some show writing bleeding through from where I used them, such as marking off the days as they passed) but I love them just the same. The best part is they make me happy to open my planner, just to see them.

I'm clearly playing favorite, too. There are a couple of instances on my Mortal Instrument dividers where Izzy was cut off in favor of who was standing on the other side--in this case of the first divider you see, Alec is one of my favorite characters and Izzy got chopped. The second divider had just the trio--which worked for me, because Simon is my other favorite character.

The only thing that saved Izzy here (on the far right) is Jace and Alec are to the left of Clary--and I wanted Alec for one of my bookmarks.

A couple of the calendar images made it easy to put an image on the back--like the reflected cities. Other times I wasn't in love with the image, but I was trying to keep one movie on one divider so I ended u with something that wasn't my favorite, like this one of Clary on the left. You have to work with what you have to work with, though! These are calendars--I only had 12 images to chose from, if they even fit on my dividers.

I think it's pretty clear who my favorite character in The Hunger Games is. Gale was my favorite character in the book, too. Oh, I love him dearly! I was a bit nervous when I found out who was playing him--I only knew Liam Hemsworth because he was infamous for dating Miley Cyrus. I was happily surprised to find he is one awesome actor.

Another character (left) that surprised me was Cinna, played by Lenny Kravitz. I loved the character in the book and ended up loving him in the movie--he was perfect. The image on the right of Peeta and Katniss was another "Meh, I need something to fill this space," so I fit it in. Mostly because Finnick's face was too large to allow me to use it on a divider without cutting his face up all close-up creepy like.

One of my favorite pages I used as the back page. It was the front of the calendar so it's thicker, which will help the back pages from not curling. The bottom right of the page has a circle from where you hang the calendar, and I made sure that hole wasn't on any of my other images, but I liked the image so much I used it anyway. After all, the pages are for my enjoyment, so they don't have to be perfect.
For the bookmarks, I ran out of photos of Gayle (they only had the 2 I used on the dividers, plus they wouldn't have fit well on the bookmarks) so I used a photos of Katniss (honestly, I like her cowel/sweater). I was able to use a photo of Alec from Mortal Instruments for my second bookmark.

The Mockingjay calendar had a notes section on the first page of the calendar, which I thought worked perfectly on the back of the last divider in case I ever decide to move it to the front and use it as a dashboard. I can take notes on it with a dry erase marker.
Both of these photos were chosen for the back of the bookmarks because they fit and I was out of photos to choose from. I'm not a big fan of Peeta or Jace, but they go with my themes.

This was my first time laminating anything in years, but I think they turned out rather well! The only thing I would do differently is how I punched the holes. I punched the holes before I laminated them, then went back with a CropADile to punch the lamination out of the holes. I wasn't sure if my 6 hole puncher was strong enough to go through the lamination and the paper, but it turned out it was. It was fairly tedious to have to re-punch the holes individually--especially since some had to be punched twice since the CropADile punch was slightly smaller than the original holes. I then cut around each divider--and my cuts aren't perfect, but as I previously said, I'm not going for perfect. They're for me, they were my first time making dividers, and I'm very happy with the way they turned out!

What do you think?


  1. Flipping through these in real life I never would guess they're home made. They look so professional, great job!

    1. Thanks! They were easier than I thought, but more difficult, too!



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