Pen Collection: Gold, Silver & White

These have become some of my favorite pens to write with in the gold and silver category. They are the Sanford Uni-Ball Gell IMPACT pens. Often, metallic ink clogs the nib and it's difficult to get a consistent flow. 

The nibs on these pens are wide enough to allow a larger amount of ink to pass through, which lessens the chance they will clog. It also means they don't work well for things that need to be written with a fine tip, but they are certainly worth picking up.

I picked up this pen (the Uni-Ball Signobroad in white) because everyone I watched who owned one--from scrapbookers to planner fanatics--kept raving about them.White pens are like unicorns--good ones are so difficult to find!

I have had this pen for a couple of months now. It writes smoothly and reliably once it gets going (so make sure to get the ink flowing on a piece of scrap paper!).

I am including this second pen because sometimes you think you've found a great pen, it works well, it flows smoothly then, boom! Two months later it's dried up like a raisen.
That's what happened with this Inkssentials white pen.

I haven't had it that long and no matter how much I shake the pen, scratch on a piece of paper, or try to suck out the ink (don't tell me you haven't tried those types of tips with your gel pens!) it just won't flow. It's a choppy mess at this point and is headed for the trash!

I tested the bleed through on two types of paper.
The first is the Loose Life filler paper I have always enjoyed writing on and is a bit thin. This particular pack of paper is vintage and I have not yet purchased a new pack to compare the paper quality.
The second is your standard computer printer paper (which is the white to the right of the photo) and is a bit thicker.

Front View: The white pens were not tested because it's white paper... ;)

Back View: There was more ghosting with the gold pen than the silver on the thinner binder paper, but neither showed through on the computer paper. Write away!


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