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These pens aren't a "I need to learn how to use these" purchase, but rather a "I don't write that way anymore" purchase, but one I couldn't resist. I took Japanese in middle school, high school and jr. college, but because my class was the first generation to kind of move it up the ladder (the Japanese classes in my high school were created because of my incoming freshman class that wanted to continue the language), each time I took a class it was like starting over. I was frustrated with it and eventually dropped it after the disappointing class I took my freshman year of jr. college. Some things, however, become so ingrained in you that you just can't give them up! I still have my hirigana and katakana chart, and know how to write my name, and these pens bring me a bit of that happiness back from my younger years.

The first pen I picked out was the Kuretake Disposable Pocket Brush Pen from JetPens (I made a couple of orders with them because their pens are so amazing!). It was more like a felt tip pen than I anticipated and I wasn't as happy with it as I thought I would be.

The second pen I picked out, the Pilot Pocket Brush Pen- Hard, made me very happy (also from JetPens). It was a bit more expensive at $5.00 (compared to $2.50), but it's exactly what I was looking for--thick lines, dark ink and it feels like you're writing with a small brush, perfect for the strokes the characters require.

I tested the bleed through on two types of paper.
The first is the Loose Life filler paper I have always enjoyed writing on and is a bit thin. This particular pack of paper is vintage and I have not yet purchased a new pack to compare the paper quality.
The second is your standard computer printer paper (which is the white to the right of the photo) and is a bit thicker.

Front View

Back View: Both have some ghosting, although the Kuretake is not nearly as bad as the Pilot because of it's deep black color. It may not work well on thinner paper or thicker paper (you can see the bleed through on the computer paper to the right as well), but my recommendation is if you're going to pick one of these brush pens out, choose the Pilot!


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