Pen Collection: Another Lot of Randoms

I gathered another round of randoms for review!

The Foray StyleMark pen in fine tip was another excellent discovery! It's a felt tip style pen that dries quickly (great for Project Life cards!) and the color is reliable.

I am finding I am a big fan of the smaller sized felt tips, but I like my ballpoints to be in the larger sizes.

I purchased just one Staedtler pigment liner Calligraphy pen. I fiddled around with Calligraphy when I was in middle school and high school, but it was so sporadic I never really learned. So add this to the impulse by pile because it's yet another pen I need to learn to use!

I love Staedtler pens (the fine tip felt pens will show up in a future post) and, as expected, the pen performs well with both a strong pigment and flow of ink.

You know how sometimes you have a random pen appear in your stash and you're not quite sure where it came from? That's how this Uni-Ball Fusion pen appeared to in my stash. I was probably attracted to it because it has blue ink, but it's clearly been well used (by someone else!).

The jury is still out on this one. The ink seems to settle inconsistently and the blue is too light to read in a letter without eye strain.

I'm not going to lie: I bought both of these Monami Love Pet pens because they had dogs on them. I had never heard of the brand and assumed they would be cheap pens with inconsistent flow, and at the time I thought I was lucky the rest of the breeds were sold out when I picked these up.

And I was completely wrong! These pens have a wonderfully thin tip and write precise, thin letters. The ink flows well and I have had no issues with the flow. I may have allowed the dog lover inside me to become distracted by the adorable photos on the ends of the pens, but I am in no way sorry I purchased them!

I tested the bleed through on two types of paper.
The first is the Loose Life filler paper I have always enjoyed writing on and is a bit thin. This particular pack of paper is vintage and I have not yet purchased a new pack to compare the paper quality.
The second is your standard computer printer paper (which is the white to the right of the photo) and is a bit thicker.

Front View

Back View: As expected, due to the strong flow and dark pigment of the Staedtler pen, there is quite a bit of bleed through on both types of paper. The others fair a lot better with a bit of ghosting, and none at all from the orange Foray Stylemark.


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