Pen Collection: A Couple of Likes

I'm not going to lie: I purchased these Heidi Swapp gel pens simply because they were Heidi Swap. I honestly didn't expect much from them. I thought the colors would be too fluorescent to read and the ink wouldn't flow correctly. Turns out the only thing I don't like about them is the cool black and white stripes are plastic wrapped onto the pen, and not actually printed onto the pen itself.

The ink for all three colors flowed well and, even better, the ink is legible! One of the thinks I hate the most is when you get a great flowing pen whose ink you can't read (much like the previous Morning Glory yellow pen I posted about).

I purchased these pens on a whim at Micheal's and am quite glad I picked them up!

Another pen that has fallen solidly into my "likes" category are these Micron 05 pens I picked up at Micheal's, too. During August I did a Project Life "30 Lists" project (which I haven't decided if I'm going to post or not) and I wrote directly on Project Life cards. I found my felt tip pens wrote the best because they didn't smear, the color saturation was great, and I didn't have to wait for them to dry.

Micron has other sizes of these pens but I decided since I liked the 05/0.45mm size so much, I would stick with them.

The only fault I have with these pens is one of mine has a damaged nib (see second line, above). It scratches the paper when held at the wrong angle, messes up the writing itself, and is actually thicker than it should be. I do, however, like the pen so much that I am more inclined to replace it with a new one rather than giving up on that color.

The ends of the Microns show the color and size.

I tested the bleed through on two types of paper.
The first is the Loose Life filler paper I have always enjoyed writing on and is a bit thin. This particular pack of paper is vintage and I have not yet purchased a new pack to compare the paper quality.
The second is your standard computer printer paper (which is the white to the right of the photo) and is a bit thicker.

Front View

Back View: As expected, the microns are completely legible through the thinner paper with some bleed through, and shows too much through the computer paper for my taste to want to use it on thicker paper, too. The Heidi Swapp pens don't have any ghosting at all.

I've heard some people use these pens in their Hobonichi, which has thin paper. I have a Hobonichi coming so I'm curious--have you used the Micron pens on your Hobonichi? What's your opinion of them?


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