October Photos: 19 - 25

 Sunday, Oct 19
I love the little noises and snores that come out of Winnie when she sleeps. I don't love it when she sleeps with her eyes open.

Monday, Oct 20
I started hauling a pencil pouch to and from work. I couldn't stand that I kept forgetting my favorite pens at home because I wanted to use them at work, and vice versa.

Tuesday, Oct 21
Winnie is such a silly little thing.

Wednesday, Oct 22
My parents celebrated their 36 year wedding anniversary today.

Thursday, Oct 23
My mom and I were testing out some ornament ideas for my aunt to do for our ornament exchange this Friday. Even though this idea wasn't used, it makes me want to use fake snow and glitter on something!

Friday, Oct 24
Winnie had some issues going on and had to see the vet. She came home high as a kite--I haven't see her that stoned since she broke her leg when she was a puppy!

Saturday, Oct 25
Winnie was so, so sad today. She doesn't understand her medications or why she can't do certain things.And she has to wear a donut around her neck unless someone is babysitting her, making sure she leaves her medications applied.


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