October Photos: 12 - 18

Sunday, Oct 12
I struggled for two days to get caught up on reading Emma so I wouldn't fall behind anymore than I was (which was about 100 pages or so).

Monday, Oct 13
This is my mom's dog, Molly. She comes in my room and grumbles to get on my bed (sounding just like a discontented old man until someone picks her up), walks around my bedspread, then realizes there is nothing to see. Here, she happens to be striking a superhero pose.
And consider this a good "before" photo. She saw the groomer later in the week.

Tuesday, Oct 14
Sometimes you can clearly tell my sister's dog's medication is working well.

Wednesday, Oct 15
And the after! Ladies and gentlemen, she has gone from streetdog scruff to teddy bear chic.

Thursday, Oct 16
I talk about my England trip last year a lot. I know it's obnoxious. But I'm not going to stop.
My mom picked up some honey in the duty-free shop before our flight home. It was a small trio of honeys and we finally opened the first: Exmoor Blossom.
My mom said she could smell the flowers. I think it smelled alcoholic, much like white wine.

Friday, Oct 17
For the record, a salad at Costco when you normally get a slice of pepperoni pizza is NOT as satisfying.

Saturday, Oct 18
I'm enjoying Emma more the further it gets into the book than I did the first few chapters. She still has her faults, but she isn't as nearly annoying as the television mini series and movies make her out to be.


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