September Photos: 21 - 27

 Sunday, Sept 21
I played with my macro some. I think it might work best on a sunny day, but I am kind of liking the surreal, dreamy quality some of the photos get.

Monday, Sept 22
Nifty clouds always make me happy.

Tuesday, Sept 23
It was my beloved mother's birthday and the three of us (my mom, my sister and I) did one of our favorite things to celebrate: thrift shopping! I came home with a gorgeous pair of silver and glass blue salt and pepper shakers. For some reason I decided they fit beautifully with my blue glass daily bread plate, a photograph of my great grandmother as a young woman (my father's grandmother), and a plastic treasure chest I keep meaning to craft with but instead just sits there.

Wednesday, Sept 24
I have an adorable photo of Winnie as a pup eating a cheeto, the sides popping out of her mouth. I am determined to get an updated shot of her doing the same thing eight years later!

Thursday, Sept 25
This is the day I discovered my All American Girl Doll's hairbrush is perfect for brushing out Molly's tiny coat, but that the doll glasses fit her perfectly.

Friday, Sept 26
Sometimes when you're not feeling well you eat strange combinations of food.

Saturday, Sept 27
Winifred can be such a lady.


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