Into a New Month: Sept 28 - Oct 4

 Sunday, Sept 28
I am taking a staggering amount of photos with my new phone, but sometimes I can't help but wonder, "Why is that the only thing I took a photo of?"

Monday, Sept 29
Today I finished a book: Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Getting Things Done by David Allen. The author has also written Getting Things Done, which is supposed to be a great book explaining the GTD system. I didn't get much out of this book other than the reinforcement that I'm on the right track with my brain dump journal. I did, however, enjoy the quotes in the book.

Tuesday, Sept 30
My dad and I got the opportunity to go to dinner with one another, which doesn't happen that often anymore. We used to go to breakfast every so often several years ago before work, back when I was going in at 7 and my dad was a supervisor, going in super early as well. I loved that time together and it was wonderful to be able to share a meal with just the two of us once again.

Wednesday, Oct 1
I went out to lunch with my best friend (get a blog, Janis, and tell the world your dog stories!!!) and I got to eat one of my favorite things: steamed buns. I don't know what the purple stuff in this one is, but I love it.

Thursday, Oct 2
I joined an online Jane Austen bookclub because as much as I love Jane Austen, I've never read all her books! October's read is Emma.

Friday, Oct 3
Miss Winifred hurt her dewclaw and since it was bedtime, I didn't have the lighting to see what was wrong. She's panting here because she was upset by whatever she did to it. I wrapped some wide washi tape around her leg to stabilize her dewclaw and she settled down to sleep rather quickly. (I kept the washi on her leg for a couple of days, but she currently doesn't have any on there and seems to be doing fine.)

Saturday, Oct 4
I wasn't thinking and asked Miss Winifred if I could see her "booboo," and she gave me her bad leg--I should have called her washi tape-wrapped leg her owie. Winnie broke her leg when she was a puppy and ended up with a pin and bar in her leg. When it gets cold she aches, so both her and I take glucosamine condroitant for our joints (mine helps my bad knee from my car accident and my carpal tunnel arm), but Winnie is a smart cookie and knows that her leg has a permanent booboo.


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