September Photos: 1 - 6

Monday, Sept 1
I think Winnie is fed up with how many photos I've already taken of her with my new phone.

Tuesday, Sept 2
Every couple of years I get my butt into the doctor (if I'm lucky enough to have not gone in because I was sick) to make sure my meds and any prescriptions are up to date, including bloodwork.

Wednesday, Sept 3
My dad had surgery to fiddle, yet again, with his pain implant. This time it was done at CHOMP in Monterey. It was a beautiful view.

Thursday, Sept 4
I'm taking many photos of Winnie this month. I did 30 Days of Lists (I will share the project soon!) in August and was itching for another project to work on for September. So I choose Winnie! I'll be putting it all together in Project Life sleeves when the month is over, so look forward to that next month.

Friday, Sept 5
Mac, the stray cat we feed, is well aware of his surroundings. You can't sneak up on this street smart tomcat. I make sure to tell him he's okay and stand far enough back from his bubble so he doesn't feel threatened, but I can't resist taking photos of his sweet, beat up face.


Saturday, Sept 6
I got a cheap lens set from eBay to play with the camera on my phone. I didn't expect anything fantastic, but I do know this macro lens is going to be great fun to use!


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