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It's hard for me to resist journals, notebooks, pads, and paper in general. I am drawn to it as a moth is drawn to the flame. Even worse, I intend to fill them all one day, which makes it hard to part with them if I ever decide to thin down my collection (which has only happened a couple of times). While it's hit or miss, Marshall's has the most amazing journals and paper show up on the shelves that I simply cannot resist!

I was thrilled to find this blue and gold journal. Marshall's has had many journals in this size and style--in fact, I am sure all they do is change the cover and send another round of journals off the printer. But I am totally okay with that! I love the larger size, the soft feel of the cover, and especially the ribbon bookmark so I don't lose my place. The journal I've been writing in this year (and I'm only 1/2 way through it!) is identical save for the print--it's black with a gold quote on the front. I was happy to find another.

I didn't realize this notebook had a slight crease in the front cover until I got it home, but I love it so much I'm glad I got it anyway. Spiral notebooks are at the top of my list when it comes to favorite journals, especially to carry in my purse. It's so easy for them to lay flat and they take up less room when you can flip them over to write on the other side.

I fell in love with this gem the moment I cracked the spine! Map journals are difficult to walk away from as it is, but the inside sealed the deal.

The pages are blue and lined with an airmail pattern. On the left of the book, where the pages lift slightly, you also get a glimpse of the inside end, which is another map. It's just lovely!

Books, craft supplies and journals will be my downfall yet!


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