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I've been drooling over planners for a while--namely the new metallic Filofax (the bronze/copper is to die for!)--but they are way out of my price range. For a planner! I couldn't justify spending that much, especially when I can't even justify spending full price on a planner I use yearly. I normally get my planners at the Calendar stores that pop up around Christmas, waiting until everything is 1/2 off. It started with a Harry Potter one...then another Harry Potter one...and then they didn't do Harry Potter anymore. This past year it was a random planner I found at Target. I don't use them just to plan, but to journal in a way--I'll write if I had lunch with someone, what I did that day, or any books I finished reading. So it's more of a diary than a planner. However, one of my jobs now requires keeping track of something and this is the easiest way to do it: by creating my own.

I started with a small binder I bought on clearance at Target earlier this year. I'd had my eye on them for a while, for no reason whatsoever, so when they went on sale I just HAD to have them! (I do have a second one I picked up as well. I am debating splitting my work and personal binders separately so if I want to bring my planner to my regular job, I am not bringing my 2nd job's pages in--there's no reason for my 2nd job's planner to leave my desk at home.)

I made my own dividers, which was a lot easier than anticipated (a close up of the staggered tabs can be seen at the top of the post). I purchased the paper at Micheal's when their Hot Buy were on sale for $5, put out by the likes of Crate Paper, Maggie Holmes, and a couple of others. The packs are amazing and have such a variety of paper to choose from! Most people laminate their dividers, which is an excellent idea, but I don't know if I'm going to change mine out. A lot of what I've done is probably going to be temporary and will be updated as I figure out how, exactly, I want my planner to work.

Side note: I punched a couple of Project Life journals and attached them to the front for quick jots or to do lists.

If you look up planner ideas on YouTube (which I did, while I was trying to get an idea of how I want mine to function), you'll notice a lot of people have planner decorating videos. I kept mine simple--just some washi tape and I painted the month in gold across the top. I have no color coding system and just use whatever pen I feel like using in the moment. I doubt I'll keep my pages forever, the way I do with my journals, because I've built this to be less of a journal and more of a to do list. The washi tape was just to make things interesting and, quite frankly, I have so much of it that it would be a shame not to use it.

I made my bookmark out of some darling rollerskate paper (also from one of the Hot Buy packs). I made it stand up above the paper so I can flip to the week I'm on without having to fuss around. There's a small nitch in the upper left of the bookmark to make room for the binder workings.

I love making lists, mostly because I actually get more done if I write things down and check them off! Here I tried to combine several of my lists together, but I have a feeling these will all end up having their own pages someday soon.

At the very end of my planner I took a variety of notesheet paper out of my collection I hoard and simply punched holes in them. I have no specific plan for these I just thought, "Why not?" There is nothing behind the last tab to keep papers from being bent.

I'm already considering ways I can improve my new planner. A couple of ideas I have include gluing an envelope to the inside front to hold various bits and bobs I might come across that I want to Smash when I get home, and to find a small pencil pouch to hold a pen (although there's always one within arms reach of me somewhere!). I hope you enjoyed my little planner tour--I'll do another after I work out the kinks and get my system down.


  1. This is fantastic! You put a lot of thought and effort intinto making it functional AND adorable!



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