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One of my crafty friends moved away a couple years ago. We keep in touch through Facebook, and in July she decided to use Facebook to contact all her crafty friends at once and set up a swap. So we were all her friends, swapping with a friend of a friend. The said friend's twin sister got me and while I haven't received it yet, I got my part mailed off last week to someone who likes Hayao Miyazaki movies. They include Totoro, so you know I was all over that!

I started by choosing photos from Miyazaki movies for charms and making kumihimo bracelets to go with them. For the Kiki's Delivery Service bracelet I chose red and navy to match Kiki's dress. I made the charms on each bracelet double sided. While it made them a bit chunky, I really like them.

The Totoro bracelet is my favorite. I love the serene feel of the photo and the olive green and grey keep that muted feeling.

The third, and last, bracelet I made was of Mei getting ready to clap a floating soot ball. I chose black and white for the bracelet because I liked how the red of her dress popped against it.

I also made 1" earrings with the Studio Ghibli logo on them.

Finally, I threw in a random assortment of more buttons that I made. The receiptient had a few more likes on her list that I didn't focus on, so I threw in panda and hedgehog buttons just for kicks.


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