Week of Aug 19 - 25

August 19, Tuesday
My sister and I did something amazing last week: we upgraded to Smart Phones. I am more than ecstatic about the camera and am already taking tons more photos with it. The camera phone will never replace a camera for me, but I'm thrilled to be able to take every day photos in better quality.

My sister and I drove to my grandparents in Northern California for a short visit. Since the car we took doesn't have an iPod jack, I took my mini amp speaker and plugged it in. We hit random on the iPod and away we went!

August 20, Wednesday
One of our favorite places to go is Cal's Bookstore in Redding, California. I took more random photos that will be up as their own post, but here is a look through from one side of the store to the other--the place is simply packed with books. It's total heaven!

August 21, Thursday
One of my favorite places to be is sitting on the porch swing, listening to my Papaw (my dad's dad) ramble on while he drinks his coffee.

August 22, Friday
I learned to take Panoramic photos with my phone. I am terribly unsteady, but this function is SO COOL. Here is my Mamaw (my dad's mom) in her bedroom, photobombed by my sister.

August 23, Saturday
Happy birthday! My sister and I turned 31, my cousin and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary, and one of my favorite kids (said cousin's son) turned 4. My family celebrated our birthday with a delicious cake with fudgey frosting, made by iamdawt. I spent the entire day in bed binge watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and working on my 30 Days of Lists project. It was awesome.

August 24, Sunday
My aunt and uncle came over to celebrate our birthday Sunday afternoon. We had TACOS! There was lots of good conversation. My uncle and I worked on a mystery we have yet to solve:

What is this for? My uncle and I have searched all types of licenses to see what this might be a renewal tab for and we can't find a thing. It bolts to the upper left corner and a tab fold back behind the left side.
What is this thing? My uncle's friend collects license plates and whatnots. The JUN 71 renewal tag is a mystery--It bolts in the upper left hand corner of the plate and there's a tab on the left side that holds it down to the plate when folded back. I learned a lot more about license plates than I ever expected, and more so about metal renewal tags (mostly known as license renewal tabs). This, however, does not seem to be a license renewal tab for an American license plate for your normal, every day passenger vehicle, or Canadian. Does anyone have an idea of what it might be?

August 25, Monday
We had a potluck at work to celebrate 3 birthdays (mine included). There were so many yummy things to eat (one co-worker made homemade hummus! It was amazing!), and I loved getting to eat lumpias and pulled pork sandwiches.


  1. I'm so tickled you both have new and improved phones! Great trip, glad you were able to spend time with Mamas and Papaw, love the photos!



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