Paper Beads

One of my favorite things to do is to make paper beads. My sister surprised me with an amazing paper bead roller a few months ago. I have the large European Bead Roller (aka Pandora sized beads) so I have the option of putting eyelets in the ends of the beads to finish them off. I love the look it gives (although that smaller sized bead roller is still on my wish list!) I'll have to do a review post of the paper bead roller I own, but for now I will tell you how much I love it! I have carpal tunnel and it has saved my wrist making paper beads 1,000 times over. In fact, I wouldn't be making paper beads without it.

I made them because we were having a discussion on the Two Peas Refugees board a couple of weeks ago regarding the amazing American Craft's "Hot Buy" paper that Micheal's has. There are 4 different lines of paper: Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy, Maggie Holmes & Crate Paper. I used two of the four to make my beads.


The first paper I used was Dear Lizzy. Barrel beads are easiest to use with the eyelets capping the ends, so that is the direction I went with. I cut the beads the width of the stripes. I sealed the beads with Martha Stewart green Decoupage, which gave them a metallic green shimmer. I sealed the whole thing with Triple Thick, which is what I usually use as a sealant.


The second paper I chose was from Crate Paper. This time I cut the sheet in half in order to make more beads out of the paper. The width became 4 1/2" and I cut the strips from there. I very rarely use a certain measurement on the width of my beads--I simply choose a line on my cutter and make sure the all the beads  come out the same width, but I do not intentionally chose a specific width. I tend to choose what feels right for the paper.


Here you can see the difference in thickness between the two beads. The striped bead uses the entire length of the 8 1/2" piece of paper, while the flower bead uses half that. As seen in the title photo, this gave me many more flower beads than striped beads. I got 8 striped beads out of the piece of paper, and 20 floral beads. The stripes are my favorite because I like the weight the thicker beads have. I normally use 12x12" paper and use the whole 12" strip to make heavy, bulky beads. What is your favorite type of paper bead to make?





  1. Love the floral beads! Very pretty! I used to make paper beads when I was a child, with my great aunt. She'd save up all sorts of colourful magazine pages and we'd cut them into different shapes..

    1. Thank you! I made then when I was a child, too, and thought about messing around with them, but I have carpal tunnel so it's NOT FUN to do it with a toothpick or knitting needle anymore. When my sister surprised me with the machine it opened up a whole new world! It's a fun craft to do when you don't want to pull out a bunch of stuff to mess with, but you still want to do something crafty.



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