One of the journals and writing blogs I follow, the amazing Letters And Journals,  had a giveaway for Genesis notebooks on May 31st. The giveaway closed on June 6 and to my surprise--I won! I received a surprise package in the mail last month from Roaring Springs Paper Products. While I expected to receive just maybe one or two notebooks, I received a whole slew of them! I was able to share them with my notebook loving family.

Roaring Springs Paper Products generously sent  TEN notebooks! There was a Genesis Shade notebook in blue (my favorite color!), two Three Subject notebooks, three CrossOver notebooks (which, with ruled lines AND grids, was by far the favorite in the household!), and a set of 4 Color Me! Notebooks.

Thank you so much, Letters And Journals & Roaring Springs Paper Products! My household is going to have a wonderful time using these notebooks and filling them up!


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