Imagine the Possibilities!

Testing, 1...2...3... These shoes didn't turn out hardly as bad as I imagined. Except, you have to imagine the shoes are white, not black. They are just a test, though, I assure you.

My coworker is getting married in November and was trying to decide what to do for her shoes. She found a sparkling pair on Etsy, which I quickly identified as Payless Brand using Martha Stewart Glitter (it's pretty bad when you can recognize a specific brand of glitter by the color!). My coworker got frustrated at not being able to find that said pair of Payless shoes and ended up buying some beautiful ballet slippers to wear, but I'm still really glad I did this experiment because I feel like it opens up a world of possibilities.


My supplies were simple:
Fabric Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Black pair of shoes (in my case, beat up Vans that I've worn out and can't wear any longer--I figured if it didn't turn out, they were headed for the trash bin anyway!)
Glitter (I originally chose black because my shoes were black)
Laundry Scoop (aka something to mix the Mod Podge & glitter in)
Something to stir with (I used the butt of a paint brush)


 I mixed up a good glop of Mod Podge with a ton of glitter. I managed 3 coats with this, plus had plenty left over--a little goes a long way, so don't be afraid to make what you think is too little! You can always make more. I mixed the glitter and Mod Podge up with the end of a paint brush because it was easy to clean up. The mixture wiped right off.


I taped the soles of the shoes up with One Direction Washi tape (on sale at Office Depot and picked up specifically to "waste" in this manner! Also a great way to use up any washi you don't like.). Just because I was  using a pair of beat up shoes didn't mean I didn't want to try to do it the right way and keep things clean.


The shoes have two layers of modge podge here, and the black specks are the black glitter. As the Mod Podge dried, the areas that appear white began to disappear, but the glitter was not sparkling. The Mod Podge is still we here so I think it shined a bit more than normal when the camera flash went off, but it was still time to try something else!


A third coat was applied and this time glitter was sprinkled on top of the coat and pressed in. I used white glitter because I wanted to see how sparkly the glitter was going end up--and let me tell you, does that stuff shine once it's dry!

I let the Mod Podge dry for 48 hours as indicated on the bottle. I took the shoes in the backyard and brushed and brushed until all the loose glitter came off. There was plenty of glitter left on the shoe and there was hardly any fallout. I can only imagine how shimmering the white glitter would be on white fabric! 

Thanks for putting up with looking at my ugly, worn out shoes that are headed the trash--but aren't those the types of things that are best to experiment on? If you've Mod Podged or glittered shoes, let me know! I'd love to see how yours turn out.


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