Sealed Rhinestone Bracelets

As promised, here are a few photos of the bracelets I made last night, along with a close up of the sealed prongs.

 I sealed over the white rhinestones completely & just the very edges of the pink rhinestones to cover the prongs with Sun & Moon Glaze. The stuff is amazing in thin layers. I used it once to build up on a piece of chipboard the way I have used Glossy Accents. It does not build up well, but it is awesome at sealing photos down or glass on top of images.

The prongs have a tendency to catch and bend, which generally results in a lost rhinestone. It might diminish the sparkle a bit (although in this case, the clear rhinestones still look fabulous!) but I feel like that's a small price to pay for ensuring stones don't go missing.

Here is a mega close-up of the sealed prongs. You can see the clear stones look a bit watery, which spills onto the pink rhinestones just over the prongs. The sealant is completely dry and (I am hoping!) ensures the prongs will not catch on anything. In my opinion, no one should have their nose straight up against the bracelet when I wear it (no one SHOULD! We'll see if another crafter spots it on me and wants a closer look!) and shouldn't be able to see the sealed prongs.

I used Omega yarn in a similar pink to the rhinestones to stitch the rhinestone trim to the leather. I knotted it on one end and sealed it with Stop Fray. It dries slightly tacky, but once it becomes "dirty" I don't have a problem with it (aka you wear it and a small bit of dirt sticks to it and walah! Not sticky!) I making bracelets for my own amusement so there's been no problem with the Stop Fray as of yet, for me or anyone else who has worn any of my bracelets (these are not the first bracelets I've used the Stop Fray on).



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