Pink Rhinestone Leather Bracelet

I made a pink rhinestone leather bracelet totally by accident! The holes punched in the leather lined up with the rhinestones on a fluke. So, for Easter, my sister got this fancy bracelet.

DSC_0852Believe it or not, I've had the leather bracelet for a while because I planned to make a bracelet I saw on one of the blogs I follow. I was clearing out my wishlist on eBay and, on a whim, purchased a yard of this trim for about $15. It was a splurge, I'm telling you! I'm really glad I did, though, because although I am not much of a pink person, I am in love with this bracelet. And so I made 5 more. (It was all the rhinestone trim I had left!) The only difference on my new ones, however, is I put some sealant on the rhinestones to make them a bit sturdier--the prongs have a tendency to catch and things and then the rhinestone is lost forever.

These photos are of the seal-less rhinestone. I'll make a post with my sealed rhinestones once they finish drying.




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