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I officially finished another project! Do you ever pat yourself on the back for finishing something you said you were going to finish? That rarely happens around here.

I went into this one with the intention of making an earring book, however, I chose a book with a rather small spine. Instead of feeling dejected, I decided that it was okay if the book didn't lay flat when I put something inside and chose to use it for my pin collection! I do not actively collect pins, however, I do love them and desperately needed a place to bring them all together.

This was a pretty simple project. The book I chose is a vintage Nancy Drew book so it was very easy to use a pair of scissors and carefully cut the pages away from the end papers. (The Secret of the Old Clock is one of my favorites! I did a report on it in 4th grade and have loved it ever since.) I used a Sharpie to mark the middle of the page and sewed all three together with Omega nylon yarn in black.

Next, I glued the outside most piece of felt to the book to cover the end papers. I did not glue the area in the spine down--it is "floating" like a regular book, thus ensuring the book opens and closes easily. Even more importantly, I am not using every page to hold my pins.

Since my pin book is based on homemade earring books, I have seen several of those books online where there were earrings on every page--which means the backings of the earrings on one page are rubbing and hitting against the front of the earrings on the next page. It is important to me that there is some cushioning between the pages so this doesn't happen with mine. I used the first page to hold my pins, and the next page I left blank to cushion the backings from the second page of pins.

My book only has two pages--it would probably be more suited to hold flat badges/pins, but I am happy to have a place to put my pin collection as I dig around my room. These do not include my vintage rhinestone pins and other fancy pins that probably fit better in the category of "brooch." I'm going to need a book with a larger spine to fit those chunky jewels!

There is one more blank page in my book, behind my 2nd (and last) page of pins, right before the back of the book is reached.

I decided it was a great idea to leave this way because it gives the pins a bit more cushion to dig into instead of digging into the back of the book. I didn't want to risk damaging the back of the pins or ruining the book itself.

If you've made an earring book or a pin book, let me know! I tried searching Pinterest and Google to see how others created their books, however, it was a huge fail. I kept coming across the same manufactured "book" that was more like a Trapper Keeper binder than anything else.


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