Dog Tail Charm

One of the things we do in my family is we tend to clip fur of beloved dogs or people to remember them by. It was heartbreaking for my dad to lose his last dog, Patches (whom we actually inherited when her owner, a close family friend, passed away). When he got his new baby girl (which was a random event and totally unexpected, and actually had me involved! Which is a surprise because the majority of our dogs have come through my sister, who used to work at the city animal shelter), he totally fell in love. 

The majority of clippings we have from pets we gathered the day we put them down--a sad remembrance of a sad day, and normally placed inside a little jar. Yesterday, my dad came up to me holding a small piece of Dixie's hair he wanted to save (she needs constant grooming because her long tail is always getting into things!). Between the two of us, we decided to make a little charm out of it with an end cap that I have for my Kumihimo bracelets. This will allow him to hang it wherever he wants--usually, we keep the lock of fur next to the box holding the ashes of our beloved pet.

There is a long tradition of saving clippings of someone's hair. Victorians would go even farther and braid their loved ones hair into pins and other jewelry. It used to creep me out--I grew up thinking that if something is no longer attached to your body that is supposed to be attached, it's gross when it's no longer attached. But at some point after the loss of several relatives and beloved pets I came to realize it can be a sweet reminder of a soul no longer with us, it's proof they once existed. It's a physical reminder that they existed, something more substantial than a photo or a memory.


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