Papaw's Recycled Canisters

This is another craft project I didn't do, but I love them so much I had to share! My grandfather, whom I call Papaw (thus the title of the post!), said it was raining one day and he was frustrated that he couldn't tinker around outside. So he grabbed what he could and threw some containers together, making them match with some vintage looking gold spraypaint.

I think my grandparents have the type of can opener that cuts without a sharp edge because every top on these things fits right back on top like a dream, and quite snugly!

Papaw's Tin Containers
The cans were high on a shelf, thus the angles of the photos. I had to stretch my arm way up in order to get a decent view of Papaw's creations.

Papaw's Tin Containers
I love how my grandpa used random drawer pulls (which I recognize from actually being used around the house), and whatever else he could find to make. I am itching to make some of my own--thrift store, here I come!


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