Dragon Necklace

My sister's coworker had a slightly expensive bottle of wine or champagne and wanted to keep the top of the bottle as a reminder--which had an awesome dragon printed on the top. I took the wire off of the aluminum top and it fit well into a pendant I had, which I inset with a black & dark grey glitter mixture.

I wish I had a before shot! This was the best I could do--the wire was wrapped around the dragon and the the skull charm was hanging from the rattail cord.

Cork Necklace
I paired the necklace with a chain that reminded me of snake scales--it's a perfect fit with the dragon!
Because the skull was silver and a different shade of grey than the rest of the necklace, I didn't feel it matched well enough to hang it by the dragon. It was part of the wine bottle, though, and I wanted to include it in the necklace, so I hung it off the clasp on the back.

Cork Necklace
 And if you look carefully, you can see me taking a photo of the necklace.
I am actually really pleased with how it turned out, and I hear my sister's co-worker is happy with it, too, which makes me happy!



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