A New Adventure: My Very Own Mixed Media Journal

I'm pretty excited. I have a new craft venture! My mom and I watch a lot of crafty YouTube videos when we're crafting by ourselves, but we also share a lot of our video discoveries with each other, and one thing we've noticed is everyone is doing mixed media. We thought, why not give it a shot?

Let me tell you, I stink at traditional arts. I cannot draw or paint or sew or sketch something wonderful out of nothing. I have no artistic ability. NONE AT ALL. So this is terrifying to me that I agreed to do this, but I may as well dive in head first! I don't know if I'll be sharing all my pages (I'm pretty self conscious about my lack of artistic ability), but maybe you'll get lucky and I'll feel like a page or two isn't so bad and post them here.
Art journal
This is my new Mixed Media journal. My mother is making her own, and every week or so we're going to give ourselves assignments. This will help give us a direction to go in since this is fairly new to both of us (though my mom is more experienced in mixed media at this point than I am). Our first "assignment" was to decorate the cover.

Art journal
I don't know how out of my comfort zone I got since I used washi tape, however, I did get inventive with my stickers! I started with some plain Jolee's jar stickers, now available at Micheals (I purchased mine with a 40% off coupon, especially since I planned on defacing something so expensive), sliced the back open and funneled in some glitter. I added some wood-grain washi tape as a "shelf," and viola! Fancy.
Art journal
My absolute favorite type of sticker are what I call "stuff stickers," or shaker stickers. I don't know the official name, but either way, they tend to be a bit more than your average sticker. Sticker with glitter in them, with water, with other stickers, what have you. I love stickers with stuff! So I made my own.


  1. Love how you used those jar stickers! I would have never thought to put anything in them.

    1. Thank you! Every once in a while I manage to have a flash of brilliance and manage to catch it before it's gone. :)



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