Washi Edged Journal

I stumbled across an amazing, simple craft by mom.run.craft on Pinterest: DIY Washi Tape Smash Book/Journal. This is awesome in it's simplicity and the happiness factor once you're done--it's so colorful! And for those of us craft supply hoarders, we probably have plenty of washi on hand to complete it.

I remember seeing this idea somewhere in the back of my head, and then my mom told me she loved it. I happened to have this smaller sized composition notebook that looked perfect for it--the front is printed in ribbon patters, so it was already colorful and I thought the stripes would match the washi well. I picked up the journal and just started going at it! mom.run.craft did a wonderful rainbow pattern with her washi, I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it so I just  In just a few short YouTube videos (I like to watch other crafters while I craft!), it was done!

I loved it so much I decided my sister had to have one, and I'll be making myself one with a blue-themed ribbon notebook this weekend!



I ended up loving what the speckled edges looked like.
It feels great, too!


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