Quick Tip!

Quick tip!

A Pinterest post led to this blog post by 2 Busy Brunettes about how to remove printing on food containers with 100% Pure Acetone (my nail polish remove, RiteAid brand, was perfect!) and a wash cloth. I love the containers my Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato comes in (it's to die for!), but I didn't have patience to soak a wash cloth and I didn't really want to waste that much nail polish remover. It's not expensive, but it's not cheap enough for me to waste that much in one go.

Ice Cream Jars

A better solution for me was to soak the end of a paper towel and wipe it off like I wipe nail polish off my nails.  I went over the container with a small paper towel (we like those short 1/2 sheets in our household) and wiped off what I could, which was most of the printing. When it comes off it doesn't smear, but rather breaks apart into small speckles that stick to the container. I threw the paper towel away, soaked a 2nd paper town and wiped the speckles away. I rinsed it off, and tada! A plain container for my crafts! (And since I am a crafter, that logo on top won't survive too long before I cover it up with something else!)

Ice Cream Jars
Before & After


  1. Fantastic! It's great it didn't take much of the nail polish remover. I'm going to be looking at containers a whole new way.



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