Craft Haul!

This is a fun one! Just a simple craft haul. I haven't done one of these in a while and if you know me, you know I'm always haulin' crafts!

When visiting my grandparents, my Mamaw asked that my mom and I take her to a Goodwill--which happened to be just a few stores down from a Tuesday Morning. There is no way we could leave without checking out their craft section!

One of the first things I always look for at Tuesday Morning or Marshall's are their Thickers.
I have amassed my own collection of Thickers, but I am not a Thicker Die-Hard like a lot of crafters I have seen on YouTube. I just, in general, love alphabet stickers, mostly because I hate using my own handwriting when I scrapbook. Any time I can get a deal of some awesome alphabet stickers, I am in! It's even better when I can find one or two of the same kind--it always frustrates me when I have a brand new pack of alphabet stickers I want to use on a title page, but I don't have enough letters to write what I want to say.

These tape runners were a splurge--$6 each!--but at the same time, a necessity. I ran out of this brand (which is awesome) while working on a Christmas Card album (which is still not done!) and attempted a couple of other brands--Tsukineko's tape and glue is awesome, but a bit expensive, and Micheal's Recollections brand tape runners all went in the trash--seriously. I bought a pack of 3 and Every. Single. Runner. RIPPED while I was adding tape to the back of what I was working on. I'll never buy Recollections tape runners again, and I'm stocking up on Ad tech's brand whenever I get the chance!

I also picked up a three pack of Momenta stickers. Momenta brand stickers are one of my favorites because I love the shimmer that the majority of them have. I could not resist the crown sticker, either--I wanted it for my England album!

I also found a few goodies at the Salvation Army, where I found the National Geographics I picked up in my previous post. My sister has decided she wants to try making some buttons with vintage fabric or hankies and we have been on the hunt for these make your own button cover kits, so I was happy to come across these (I also picked up a couple for her on a trip to Hobby Lobby before Christmas, so I am hoping the pack without the dohickey you use to make them will fit one of the sizes she got for Christmas).
I also picked up a Costume Pattern because I want to craft with it--I haven't decided if I want to Modge Podge something or try beads yet. And who can resist dog greeting cards for 59 cents?

I love finding craft supplies in discount places and thrift stores because you never know what gems you'll find!


  1. That shopping trip was such fun. That Tuesday Morning had a great selection and I want to go back for more. I wish I would have bought more of those collage-type stamps. Had I realized they were backed with hard plastic I would have bought one of each. Great haul!



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