Clothes Pins -- AKA Chip Clips!

Every once in a while I do a fiddly craft--something I can do a little bit at a time, mostly so I get even a few minutes crafting time in, even on busy days. 

One of the people I watch on YouTube, atelierlorien, made Glitter Sticker Clothespins. I decided that I, too, wanted to decorate some clothespins, which we use as chip clips here in this household. Now, the frustrating thing for me is I've been unable to find the cute, chunky clothespins that Abi (from atelierlorien) used in her videos. Abi lives in Japan, but I know they have them here--they sell them already decorated at Micheal's, but not the blank ones! Target, Walmart, the Dollar Tree & a couple other various places do not sell fat clothespins.

I'm not giving up on my search, but in the meantime I am decorating the ones we already have in our house, straight out of the drawer we keep them in, snuggled away in the kitchen. The best part of this craft, especially since I'm not doing it for any reason in particular, is once I'm done decorating the clothespins, they go straight back into the drawer I got them from. No need to struggle to answer the age-old question, "Where do I put this now?"

Abi sealed her clothespins with resin, something I haven't played with in a few years, so I was looking at something a bit more low-key to make clothespins with. I ended up using Triple Thick, which I already have on hand because of the insane amount of paper beads I've been making.

I started out with Washi tape, which was quite simple to do, and I believe this is my favorite way to decorate the clothespins! The bug washi was extra wide, so I got two clothespins out of that one so I wouldn't waste any.

I decorated just the flat sides of the clothespins, keeping it as simple as I could. Remember, these are not brand new clothes pins (some are vintage, others purchased at the dollar store, and yet others a bit higher quality than that) or made to impress anyone, I just wanted to fiddle around with a craft.

I can't decide which is my favorite--the silver glitter, the floral, or the banner!

My second batch consisted of trying out my new Martha Stewart Metallic paints.

I used two coats, then sealed just the outside with Triple Thick (I did not seal the inside lip in case it caused things to stick, either to itself or the bag it will hold closed. I did not seal the inside back either, simply because it won't get the wear and tear the outside will.) 

These are just my first couple batches--I have a 3rd in the works, and a couple more planned!
Like I said, this is a "Well, why not?" craft! And sometimes, those are the most relaxing.

Bonus Photos: We're actually using them now!




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