Book/Magazine Haul

Recently, I got visit two of my favorite places in the world. I don't live near either of them (although they are just down the street from one another), but I am always seeking out hidden gems when I get the chance to go!

My first stop was Cal's Books. Because: BOOKSTORE!
I love the thousands of books on the hundreds of shelves in the many rooms and nooks and crannies.
It's just..perfect.

My second stop was the Salvation Army.
The one in the town I live in isn't in a particularly nice spot. It's pretty difficult to get in and out of and it's not a place you want to go alone or after dark. So it's a pretty big treat to go a'thriftin' here, for books and anything else my heart decides it needs while I'm wandering around!

Book haul
The first section I head for when visiting Cal's is the Young Adult section, where I discovered The Future of Us. The Tragic History of the Sea: Shipwrecks from the Bible to Titanic came from the second section I head for--the Nautical section, making it very easy for me to search for a new Titanic related book to add to my collection.

Book haul
I also discovered The Body Finder at Cal's, and The Prey from Salvo.

Book haul
Another great discovery at Salvo was two National Geographics--the first from December 1985, with Titanic, and the second from September 2010, with King Tut (purchased for my sister, who has always been a bit fascinated with him). I actually own a couple copies of this particular Titanic issue, but I always pick them up if I find them for a good price (and I think this Salvo only charges $0.50) because if I want to craft or scrapbook with a copy, I can use the copy in the worst condition and save the best one.

Book haul
The last two books came from my Mamaw. I've never read a book by either author, and they're a bit out of my usual taste, so we'll see what I think of them when I read them.


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