Sprayed Beads

Being craft hoarders, my family and I have amassed quite a collection of craft supplies. I decided to try a few sprays and inks out while digging into my mom's stash. I played with several types of sprays (Heidi Swapp, Mister Huey, Smooch, and there may or may not have been a Tattered Angels thrown in as well as a couple other brands), Jenni Bowlin inks and Ranger's Alcohol Inks onto a piece of white cardstock.

Spray/Inked paper
I had no rhyme or reason for doing what I did, and at the time  I had no plans. It was just one of those things where once you get started, you don't want to stop because you're having so much fun!
Spray/Inked paper
The next day, after the paper was thoroughly dry (except for the spots where I used Jenni Bowlin's inks because they were meant for ink pads, not dripping onto paper!), I cut them into strips and made them into paper beads.

Paper Beads
I love the splatter effect the paper had on these beads! This was also my first attempt at cutting the triangle strips to make the paper beads, generally I just cut them into strips and do tube beads with my Pandora bead maker (I will need to do a separate post on that machine because it is amazing!).

Paper Beads
I seal my beads with Triple Thick. I love the shiny, hard finish the beads get. I cannot even tell you the correct drying time for the beads. I purposely let mine dry for about 24 hours before I put them in my bead box. I'd rather be safe than sorry about the beads being dry so they don't stick together in the box. (So far this has not been an issue for me, probably because I wait so long for them to set.)

Paper Beads
I am not sure if I'm going to make any of these beads into bracelets together, or if I'm going to spray some more paper to make matching beads. Either way, I'll definitely be spraying my own paper in the future!


  1. These are my most favorite beads you've made so far, so sparkly and pretty!



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