New Heidi Swapp Archival Ink Pads

My mom and I were on a craft trip to Micheal's when we discovered Heidi Swapp had released some ink pads--that seemed to match the sprays! We passed them up the first day and I went home to Google them for more information. I couldn't find any YouTube reviews, online stores selling them, or any information at all about them. Of course, this meant we had to have them. My mom and I returned to Micheal's the next day and grabbed six out of the eight--we opted to leave the brown and black (although in all honestly, we'll probably pick those up at some point).

Heidi Swapp Color Shine Inks
The inks are not as bright as the packaging indicates,
but if you're familiar with her sprays they will be.

The majority of the ink pads match up with the Color Shine sprays (and who isn't addicted to the Color Shine sprays already!?)

Heidi Swapp Pink/Primrose
The Pink ink pad is the only color that did not have an obvious match with a Color Shine Spray.
I tested them out and the Primrose seemed to match pretty closely--the Blush Color Shine Spray was more of a peachy pink, where the Primrose spray was more of a (well, duh) rose.

Heidi Swapp Mint


  Heidi Swapp Mustard 


Heidi Swapp Coral


  1. Fantastic job of posting these, Dawn! I still haven't seen the ink pads anywhere else, have you?

  2. All 3 of the local michaels have discontinued. ..and I need more!! Lol. Does anyone know if these are still in stores?

    1. Both our local haven't had them for months I remember hearing several months back that they were being discontinued by the manufacturer because Heidi Swapp's contract was expiring and she was signing on with a new manufacturer, so the only place to find them now a days might be secondhand on eBay. I would try joining a craft board somewhere (I am a member of Two Peas Refugees) and posting on their FSOT board saying you're looking for some.



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