Vintage Finds: City Animal Shelter Rummage Sale

My fuzzybaby, Winnie, came from the City Animal Shelter

Last Saturday (the 15th) the local city animal shelter had a rummage sale to support their kitties. Thrift shopping? Supporting homeless animals? Count me in! My mom and I dropped off a few boxes as a donation the day before, but my pocketbook could always offer more support. (That's a good reason to justify my love of thrifting, right? Right?) I found some pretty awesome treasures I thought I'd share with you.

What I loved about this rummage sale is it was everything a rummage sale should be--priced to get stuff to move, aka nice and cheap! This makes it pretty easy to justify my impulse buys, such as this pair of "opera glasses."

I would have called them "pocket binoculars," but who am I to argue?
This is where I'm thankful for the dirt cheap prices--this, literally, is all my new opera glasses can do. They just sit there and look pretty. They don't close, the focus wheel doesn't work, and they only "work" when you look at something a specific distance away. Thus, they will sit beautifully on my shelf with my books.

I also discovered this darling pendant! Again--dirt cheap. (My total came to $20--I insisted they take $30. They were beyond generous with their pricing and I was happy to support such an important cause.)

 I love the fact that whoever MacKenzie was, they thought to sign and date it.

I also picked up this little box of a mixture of various gems.

 I loved these miniature vases, little jump rings attached to their handles.

 I instantly decided to make necklaces of the collection--how exactly I will design them, I don't know. It's generally not my style but I simply could not resist!

I even found the bent vase (the brick red one at the top of the photo) endearing.

Isn't it beautiful? (Excuse my nail. I just took my polish off so my nails could "breath," but my polish had stained my nails blue, even with a base coat!)

One of my favorite discoveries were the two miniature vases tucked inside the little box in the box.



  1. Wow what lovely finds! And your dog is the sweetest. x



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