My Week In Review 6/9 - 6/15

 Sunday, June 9th
Fresh fruit in the house!!!

 Monday, June 10
The weatherman promised us the hottest weekend of the year. We got several days of blah. 

Tuesday, June 11th
I wore my new $14 pair of shoes (that actually have cushioning. I quite like the hint of sock. 

"Decorating" the chair in my dad's room where I'm sitting for the Stanley Cup games. He's decided to root fir the Bruins & I'm rooting for the Blackhawks. 
Wednesday, June 12
The Sharks didn't make it to the finals (again) this year, but my dad and I are watching the Cup just the same. I'm rooting for the Blackhawks because they beat the Kings (who beat the Sharks, but I don't like the Kings anyway), he's rooting for the Bruins because somewhere in the back of his mind he remembers something about them when they were younger. It makes for fun banter because neither of us are overly passionate about the teams we're rooting for. 

I was so tempted to buy metallic yarn at Michael's! It was pretty amazing. I should go back with a coupon. 
Thursday, June 13
I took this photo to remind myself to buy the awesome metallic yarn at Michael's... The next day, I went to another Micheal's and bought it in two colors. 

Aaaand now it's naptime. 
Friday, June 14
Winnie decided nap time is very important. 

Saturday, June 15
I hit up the city animal shelter rummage sale and came home with a few goodies!


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