My Week in Review 5/26 - 6/1

Sunday, May 26
Val & I headed home late that night from seeing our grandparents. (Here, we're riding to a truck stop to eat at a diner with Papaw before we hit the road--I'm in the van with him and Val's behind us, seen in the rear view mirror)

Monday, May 27
By the time we arrived home at 4:30 am, both the dogs were wondering why we bothered to interrupt their beauty sleep. 

The roses lasted only a couple hours. I peeled them off and replaced them with silver glitter polish. 
Tuesday, May 28
I painted my nails in Redding...little did I know, not using a bottom coat with this light blue polish would result in light blue nails when I took the polish off. (I normally use a bottom coat, but painting my nails during the visit was unplanned)

Wednesday, May 29
I couldn't remember if I took a photo this day, so I literally pointed my camera at the wall and took a photo before turning over and going to sleep. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Name Banner 
Thursday, May 30
Another crafty collaboration between my mom & I! Last year I made my manager at little "Happy Birthday" banner. She liked it so much, I wanted to do a name banner for her this year--except I misplaced the banner I already started. My mom brainstormed using paint as the background and finishing it off with the letters like usual, and it came out great! 

Miss Winifred 
Friday, May 31
How can you get mad at this little face? (I say that because I just got frustrated with her for barking...for no reason. Naughty, naughty!)

 Saturday, June 1
I was happy to see a John Green display at Barnes & Noble!


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