My Week In Review 5/19 - 5/25

Sunday, May 19
No week is complete without anappearance from Miss Winifred!

Monday, May 20
Clover is as snuggly as a bug in a rug 

Going to see Iron Man 3 
Tuesday, May 21
My mom, sister & I went to see Iron Man 3. It was fantastic. Also, I got accepted into Monster University. Rawr!

Winnie went to a magical place tonight (aka Wendy's) 
Wednesday, May 22
Someone got to help me run some errands that needed to be finished before my sister & I went out of town that night.

Thursday, May 23
My sister & I watched the sun come up from the car. We left home about midnight and reached our Grandparents about 7:30 am 

Friday, May 24
We got to visit our favorite bookstore!

Saturday, May 25
Mamaw was excited to do get out of the house with "the girls."


  1. Lots of time in the car, but at least it was for fun.



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