My Week In Review

Sunday, April 21st
I am on a Cassandra Clare kick right now. It was tough getting into the Mortal Instruments series, but I am officially hooked. (The Infernal Devices trilogy, the prequel series, is what finally caught my interest.) 

Monday, April 22nd
Headed to Monterey with the parentals...My dad had a temporary pain implant over the weekend and, sadly, it was time to have it taken out. On the plus side, it worked!

Tuesday, April 23rd
Enjoying my new Kindle! I re-watched a funny episode of "The Mindy Project."

Wednesday, April 24th
Another trip to Monterey! (It's blurry because, quite frankly, we're not slowing down to take a photo on the freeway!)

Thursday, April 25th
I'm pretty introverted so it was a huge deal for me to start going to a new Bible study alone. Little did I know my aunt would be in the same building (in a different Bible study). She surprised me by taping a little tube of m&ms to my name tag.

Friday, April 26th
My mom and I met one of her Tumblr friends (and her daughter) for lunch. It was so enjoyable!

Saturday, April 27
Enjoying my new Kindle Fire on a lazy Saturday.


  1. I'm excited you finally got a Kindle! Great car shot of us, and that hill wasn't as blurry as I thought it'd be, very cool. And, yes, great meet-up!



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